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When to Sell Your House

For first time sellers, knowing when to sell can be especially challenging. We know it’s a tricky time for new sellers to maneuver. We put together this list that will help you in your decision making process. We’ve been in the real estate industry for a while now, and we think we have a few […]

4 DIY Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale

Prepping your home for sale can be a disorienting task. We’ve compiled a DIY list for you because, you are fully capable of doing it yourself. All the information on the internet and from your friends can be boiled down to a few main points. Check it out: Deep Clean This one isn’t as bad […]

5 Commonly Used Home Buy/Sell Terms

Everyone has a different way of approaching decision making. Your own approach is often based off of you personality type and temperament. Some of us dive in head first to a new situation or decision, giving all our energy to the task and project at hand. We ask questions as they organically come up along […]

House Hunting Pro Tips

House hunting affects the adrenaline levels of the house hunter. Tips for house hunters are very helpful in the face of the rush and excitement of buying a new house. The prospect of missing out on ‘the one’, the raw human instinct to cultivate a home, it all contributes to house hunting mistakes. Here’s what you need […]

Curb Appeal

  Imagine finding yourself driving through a neighborhood that entices all your dream home ideals to waken. Each house has some unidentifiable charm, a little hint of magic, inviting and serene or an exciting aesthetic. As you drive through you imagine what it would be like to live in each home. You readily imagine the […]

How to get ready for an Appraiser Visit

  Dishes are piled high, you just discovered chipping paint in the bathroom, the kids left their legos out from last night and the appraiser visit is due to start in an hour. How to decide which of these things takes the priority, before the appraiser arrives? Ruining an appraisal visit can have high and […]


Historical Bay Area

What is all the pomp and ceremony surrounding our beloved San Jose, San Francisco and Bay area? Aside from the tech companies, small-medium sized businesses and excellent schools, there’s something else that draws people to our western shore. Just mention the words “bay area” and a certain whiff of salty air and terracotta colors swims […]

How to Invest in Real Estate like an Appraiser

Whether you are a seasoned Real Estate investor or just beginning to explore the idea of investing, the world of real estate investment is filled with many twists and turns. Learning the ropes of real estate investment starts when you take the time needed to educate yourself on the world of real estate. From learning […]