Portfolio Valuation in Santa Clara County

Portfolio Valuation Portfolio valuation is an increasingly risky task throughout the states, including in Santa Clara county. Even while the process can differ from state to state, it’s a complex process which requires sensitivity, and expertise.…

Bang for Your Buck Remodeling

Are you dreaming of completing a remodel? Do you spend hours on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook browsing through thousands of recently remodeled homes? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, then maybe it is time to stop dreaming…

House Appraisal in San Jose

Real Estate Market and House Appraisal in San Jose As you may already know (or are about to learn) house appraisal is necessary if you’re selling your home. Selling your home and moving might not be on your radar, but, perhaps you’re not…

5 Appraiser Proven Tips on Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment: Don't Go it Alone Appraisers are an integral part of the Real Estate investment process. After all, an appraiser's detailed report helps define the potential value of a real estate investment. If you’re getting ready…

How a Certified Real Estate Appraiser Helps during a Divorce

Believe it or not, a real estate appraiser is an important resource to support you through an essential piece of the divorce process. A real estate appraisal is a valuable resource that can help you to best understand the true value of your…
Residential Appraiser San Jose

3 Reasons You Need an Estate Appraisal Today

For many people, one of the largest components of an estate is their Real Estate properties. Unfortunately for many of these same individuals, ascertaining the "true value" of Real Estate properties is a task that is often over looked during…
Divorce Appraisal

Why you should hire an appraiser when going through a divorce

We all know divorce can be expensive but this video will give you a reason to hire an appraiser. Why you should hire a divorce lawyer - video explanation

April Home Sales Gain 20%

April Home Sales Gain 20 Percent For the Month BUT Year-to-Date Sales Lowest Since 2008 - This article from Property Radar shows that although property prices are increasing actual sales are low. http://www.propertyradar.com/…/real-property-report-califor…

Common Myths About the Home Buying Process.

Here is a great infographic the Huffington Post have posted on Common Myths About the Home Buying Process. Check it out here. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-s-bunton/infographic-common-myths-_b_4912796.html?ir=HuffPost+Home

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Confused about Carbon Monoxide Detectors and where they should go? This video will explain everything. http://new.articlevideorobot.com/…/what-is-a-carbon-monoxid…#