An appraiser can make or break the divorce appraisal process. In this process there are three details an appraiser can use which result in powerful and defensible appraisals. I teach my students at San Jose City College that these three important details are building adjustments supported by multiple regression analysis and market data, experience, and ongoing communication. These play a crucial role in providing a quality product to an attorney.

Appraisers can be like detectives–experience in a courtroom and investigative questioning will yield results. An appraisal process that is all-inclusive, investigative and low-stress for attorneys is what I provide. Experience plays an important role in an appraiser’s ability to provide that kind of process. Personally, I have divorce appraisal experiences in multiple areas. From this experience I’m able to curate a valuable and unbiased appraisal. My experience expands to inside the courtroom and includes testimony on the witness stand.

If you work with divorces as an attorney, or are part of a divorce in another way, you’re welcome to send me an email or give me a call at (408) 423-9300. I can happily field your questions. Together, we can make the divorce process as low-stress as imaginable.

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