divorce and residential appraisal

The Home Buying and Divorce Intersection: Residential and Divorce Appraiser’s Take

Great big illusory dreams of residential home buying plague us all. In our society we’re encouraged to update, buy/sell, improve and fantasize about our dream homes in order to contribute to the economy. As a residential appraiser, I jump…

Good News about San Jose Area

Appraisal is a relational industry. It can often seem like a cold, financial industry with heavy ties into the accounting department. What with all the home appraisals, real estate appraisals, expert litigation, and divorce appraisals this industry…

How a Certified Real Estate Appraiser Helps during a Divorce

Believe it or not, a real estate appraiser is an important resource to support you through an essential piece of the divorce process. A real estate appraisal is a valuable resource that can help you to best understand the true value of your…
Divorce Appraisal

Why you should hire an appraiser when going through a divorce

We all know divorce can be expensive but this video will give you a reason to hire an appraiser. Why you should hire a divorce lawyer - video explanation