4 DIY Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale

Prepping your home for sale can be a disorienting task. We’ve compiled a DIY list for you because, you are fully capable of doing it yourself. All the information on the internet and from your friends can be boiled down to a few main points. Check it out:

Deep Clean

This one isn’t as bad as it sounds. Throw yourself a DIY cleaning party, blast your favorite tunes and get rid of those dust bunnies! Pay attention to all the tiny corners of your house. This includes

Base boards.

Windows and doors.

Crown molding.

Floors and ceiling.

Cabinets and closets.

Underneath furniture.

Light fixtures.

Light switches.

Anything that attracts finger prints.


Imagine that you have an in-law who works in remodeling and home inspection, and that they’re coming to see your home. Now imagine that you want to impress that in-law. That’s the level of ship-shape you need to go for. In other words, all those tiny annoying projects that we’re all too happy to ignore. Still too vague of a description? It’s ok, here’s a breakdown list.

Gutters: yep, clean those bad boys out.

Screens: whether it’s a torn porch screen, window screen or door screen, get it replaced.

Squeaky hinges: oil them up, or replace them.

Cracked or chipping paint: a quick touch up job is all you need.

Knobs and handles: replace that kitchen drawer knob that keeps popping out, and update your outdoor and indoor door knobs if they’re not working properly.

Caked in dust: if you have a fireplace, ceiling, or walls that seem to attract dust, use a little elbow grease and spruce those up.

Minimize Stuff, Maximize Space

This is especially important for your closets. Make sure those closets appear as deep and tall as they are, not less! Now is a great time to start neatly packing up some of your things that are in storage. You can either store your stuff elsewhere or add organizational pieces to your closets and storage space. If you have a room that contains furniture that’s too big for it, or that has too much furniture, you’ll need to clear that furniture out as well. Let your space look and feel large.

Don’t Forget the Garage

Sorry to break it to you, but, even the garage needs to be ship-shape and deep cleaned. Viewers will love to see your true garage, instead of having to imagine it without all the nicknacks and unnecessary dust.

Make your house the inspirational home it dreams to be. Don’t leave anything to the imagination of an inspector or viewer. Eventually you’ll need to find an appraiser, and then prep for their visit. We go into that in this article, check it out!


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