Highest and Best Use Appraisal, and Other Items of Interest

Summer is a busy season for a lot of us in the real estate industry. It’s a busy time for a lot of us, regardless of the industry. There are a number of niches and services involved in real estate that become an integral part of this season’s experience. Today, we’ll go into a few of the less well known services that we offer, in hopes that your busy time might be aided by the knowledge from this blog post, and the related services described.

Expert Litigation

This service can be a deal changer and a game maker. As experts in this field, legal matters that require real estate witnessing and consultation are a strong suit for us. It’s unfortunate to be in a situation that requires legal action to any degree. We understand that, and we understand how we can help aid you in the process of your legal matter, by offering our professional expertise on the witness stand, in a court of law. We offer a calm hand and a steady presence of knowledge for you, as you work with your team to wrap up the legal matter at hand.

Investment Property Valuation

It can be rather difficult for the average home buyer or seller to navigate the investment property waters. There are dozens upon dozens of online resources that offer aid and services for the valuation process. They’re a bit, use at your own risk. A comprehensive appraisal of your investment property on the other hand, is risk free. When your hard earned savings are at play, there’s not a lot of room for guess work or risk taking. Investment property valuation is a tool to aid you in your investment research, planning, and decision making. We’ll answer each question and query as we take you through the valuation of your potential investment property.

Highest and Best Use

The highest and best use appraisal determines the most profitable us of a property or site. It get’s quickly complicated, because there are also legal constraints to how you might want to use the property. Property zoning, restrictions and city coding can be an investor’s nightmare. Highest and best use valuation combined with the real estate feasibility study that we offer, is the simplest way of planning and executing next steps for your property.


Each service above is a solution to working through the corresponding challenge in your life, by yourself. There isn’t a price we can put on the value of working with a team of experts, as opposed to working alone. If you’re in a situation where expert real estate litigation services, highest and best use valuation, or investment property valuation are on your plate, we’d like to offer you the help you need. Investment, litigation, and valuation aren’t experiences you have to navigate with just the help of the great internet. We can help too.


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