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House hunting affects the adrenaline levels of the house hunter. Tips for house hunters are very helpful in the face of the rush and excitement of buying a new house. The prospect of missing out on ‘the one’, the raw human instinct to cultivate a home, it all contributes to house hunting mistakes. Here’s what you need to avoid.

  1. Don’t Rush
    It’s tempting to spend hours trolling the internet, driving by your favorite neighborhoods and calling any number you see. The curiosity that knocks on your door asking, “is this the one?” could very well have you running full speed. But, what are you running toward? Traditionally, rushing doesn’t help any situation. This is certainly true for house hunting.
  2. Consult your realtor first
    Instead of calling a number you see on a for sale sign, run the address by your realtor. They have loads of industry information that you don’t have to worry about compiling. Let them do what they do best.
  3. Plan ahead
    It’s tempting to schedule last minute viewings left and right. You’ll benefit from setting days and times aside dedicated to visiting homes. Rushing into a home for a viewing means you might be entirely unprepared. It could also leave the current homeowner in a tight spot, and that’s not good for anyone.
  4. Be Professional
    Don’t show up wearing yesterday’s barbeque sauce and still swallowing your breakfast. Take time to drink your coffee (and leave the mug at home), write down a few notes, and discuss any important house hunting topics with those who support you.
  5. Be Bold in Your Curiosity
    Open drawers, test water pressure, touch surfaces and try out hinges. This might be your home; get to know it well right away.
  6. Don’t Bad Mouth the Property
    It’s not worth it. You could jeopardize your chances not only in buying this house, but also others. Keep a clean, respectful and professional reputation for yourself.
  7. Debrief with Your Realtor
    Once it’s all over, take a moment to debrief with your realtor or anyone who accompanied you. Talk about the pros and cons, and most importantly, listen to what your realtor wants to point out to you.


Now, remember to slow down and take a deep breath before running back out into home hunting internet land. May the odds be in your favor.
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  1. Kate Hansen
    Kate Hansen says:

    It was really helpful when you said that setting times to visit homes will help with being prepared. My fiance and I are wanting to look into searching for our very first home to move into, and we want to make sure that we can find the right one for our family. We’ll make sure to keep these tips in mind once we begin our house hunting journey!


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