Investment Method of Valuation

Investment ValuationIf you run a Google search for investment property valuation chances are you’ll come up with a number of search results claiming to offer the “formula for success” in property valuation. The problem with standard formulas is that they don’t take into consideration all the hard work home or property owners put into polishing their space for market. On the flip side, these sort of formulas often fall short of the current market value, which fluctuates depending on any number of reasons such as geographic area and even time of year.

There are a number of ways appraisers determine the value of a property. An important note to make is that evaluating residential properties and commercial properties differ greatly from each other. While residential property valuation is often determined with the inclusion of surrounding property values, commercial properties are determined by the amount of income the property generates.

Of course, there are many other ways a property valuation is determined.  It can be rather difficult for the average home buyer or seller to navigate the investment property waters and that’s why we want to help navigate for you. At Cadieux Consulting we offer comprehensive appraisal services done by appraisal experts with years of industry experience. We understand that for many clients, making an investment involves tapping into years of hard-earned savings. That’s why we can assure you that our appraisal services and appraisers are committed to driving the details and providing superior customer service. You can count on our knowledgeable appraisers to provide you with high quality service that’s versatile and convenient. Unlike other appraisal services, we’ll take the time to explain the fine print and help you understand an evaluation each step of the way.

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