Organize Necessary Real Estate, Home Sale and Appraising Documents

Organization of real estate documents that are necessary for your selling, buying or appraising process, can be game changing for your experience. This post covers a list of tools and tips from the professionals, to help you keep your papers in check, in line and uncluttered.



  1. Chrome://Bookmarks
    This very blog post could be easily added to your chrome://bookmarks page. Bookmarks bars and folders are easy to use, but the Bookmarks application for chrome is the most user friendly, easy to manage bookmarks tool out there.


  1. Dropbox
    Use Dropbox to access your files from any computer or device. As long as you keep your username and password in mind, you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you’re missing a crucial document. This is actually terribly important; home sales especially have a reputation of being slowed down due to accidental missing documents. There is so much to keep track of, when you go to close, someone may have forgotten to tell you to bring a document with you. It happens quite frequently, and the entire process is halted. With Dropbox, all you need to do is use the nearest computer and printer to access that crucial document.


  1. Save everything imaginable
    Use your Dropbox to keep all your documents tracked and saved


  1. Leave nothing to the last minute
    As previously mentioned, you might be surprised at how many sales are delayed by misplaced, not communicated, or last minute forgotten documents. It’s generally agreed that the best way (and perhaps the only way) to actively prevent this circumstance from happening, is by preparing and reviewing your documents with your team well beforehand. Organization of documents can be one of those little gritty details no one wants to pay attention to till the last minute; don’t do it to yourself!


  1. Keep a list
    Keep a list (also in your Dropbox) of all documents that are necessary for your situation. The list will differ depending on the circumstances of your sale, appraisal or real estate transaction. We’ll get into lists later on. For now, just make sure to use your resources (your real estate agent or that chrome bookmark application) to build a list and follow it closely.

These are just a few basic ideas about your organization. You should feel free to do whatever it is you personally need to keep your thoughts and documents well organized, recorded, and up to date.
Other great ideas include; sticky notes on your mirrors, white board notes, or keeping a notebook of real estate related conversations.
We hope this helps! Best of luck, and may the odds be in your favor.

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