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Appraisal is a relational industry. It can often seem like a cold, financial industry with heavy ties into the accounting department. What with all the home appraisals, real estate appraisals, expert litigation, and divorce appraisals this industry (and we at San Jose Area Appraisers–shameless plug) are known for, one can easily forget the one common thread all these appraisals have in common; people. In each case appraisers are working closely with individuals whose lives may dramatically and drastically be affected by the appraiser’s documents. We know that’s the case.We’ve been in the business long enough to be acutely aware of the humanity behind this business and industry. It’s no secret that the better an appraiser knows his clients, the better the appraisal experience will go. So what’s the good news? In most any life change or big life changing decision, an appraisal has its way of helping you. And, if you’re in San Jose, you have us to rely on. We hope that makes you feel safer in whichever of life’s twists and turns you’re managing.


Thanks to local, knowledgeable, honest and informed appraisal services, an effective appraisal can be yours. Appraisal often provides a roadmap for individuals such as yourself. That roadmap can be yours! Here is a short list of life events and situations that need, or would be improved by an appraisal service.


  1. Divorce: We all know divorce is a frightening and fragile point of life. Specific documents are needed, personal and intimate items are disputed, as loved ones are deeply affected. A divorce appraisal efficiently and quickly gives you necessary court documents, as well as other legal information that you’ll need, with as little added pain as possible. We’ve covered this topic in greater detail here.
  2. Date of Death Appraisal: One of the more sorrowful experiences a person goes through in life, is lost of a loved one. It’s categorized as one of the three most traumatic life experiences an average human goes through (along with divorce). Because of the tragic nature of this event, it’s rare that much legal matter and necessary appraisal has been taken care of before the loved one passes. The estate must be appraised for the value it was worth on the date of the loved one’s passing, which is where the term date of death appraisal comes from. Calling an experienced and in-tuned appraiser for this services also grants you necessary legal documents, in a timely manner.


In next week’s blog post, we’ll go over two other life changing events during which an appraiser can be your greatest ally.
For now, we hope you’re able to relax better knowing that you’re not alone. It takes a village to raise a child, it’s said. And it takes a team of helpful allies to carry you through one of these major life changes. There’s no need to fear uncertainty; ask us your questions–we’re ready to help.

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