Brian Cadieux, SRA is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver. A combination of years of real estate experience as an appraiser & investor coupled together with a ‘No BS’ attitude to getting things done, Brian is as energetic on stage, as he is empathetic towards realtors and other real estate professionals in general.

Well aware of how brutal it is to sit in an audience, listening to some ‘expert’ clamor on, nearly putting their audience to sleep; Brian makes sure to keep things entertaining and interactive, by keeping all of his presentations up-to-date as well as interactive with the attendees.

Brian Cadieux - Cadieux Consulting

Brian speaking at SCCAOR

Training with a Slice of Humor

By the time attendees are done learning his presentation, they genuinely have something of great value to take away, and more importantly, to take action on – holding themselves accountable to actually making the most out of the investment they made in attending.

Highly aware of the balance needed to keep people informed and entertained at the same time, Brian injects a light-hearted approach with his sessions and injects a little humor whenever possible.

Potential Speaking Topics

– Real Estate Damages (For Realtors & Real Property Attorneys)

– Top 10 Red Flags in Residential Real Estate Appraisal.

– How to Prepare For an Appraiser

– Tips In Working With an Appraiser

– How to Challenge a Poor Appraisal

– State of The Appraisal Industry (things you need to know)

– Are all Appraisers’ Created Equal? (how do you qualify an appraiser?)

– Local Market Trends (what’s going on in the market?)

– And MUCH more!

Prior Speaking Engagements

  • – SCCAOR –
    Class Topics: “Top 10 Red Flags in Real Estate Appraisal” & “The Future of Residential Appraisal”
  • – Santa Clara County Bar Association –
    Class Topic: “Real Estate Damages”
  • – Several real estate offices all over the Bay Area

MaxReal Cupertino Testimonial:

Brian Speaking at SCCAOR

This is a 4 video series